jeudi 7 avril 2011

Tubular or Italian bind-off in the round with a k2/p2 ribbing : tutorial

As seen previously, Tubular or Italian bind-off is usually worked with a k1/p1 ribbing, but it’s possible to use it too with a k2/p2 ribbing. You just have to work an additional round before the tubular bind-off, just crossing the stitches so you will have one knit stitch and one purl stitch.

Work your ribbing until 3 rounds before the desired total border length and then work the next round as follows :

1. Knit the first stitch

Arrêt extensible côtes 2-2 (1)_thumb[42]

2. Work next 2 stitches as a left twist with purled background. ( slip next stitch to cable needle, hold in front,  purl 1and knit 1 from cable needle)

 Arrêt extensible côtes 2-2 (4)_thumb[2] 

3. Purl next stitch

Arrêt extensible côtes 2-2 (5)_thumb[1]

4. Knit next stitch

Arrêt extensible côtes 2-2 (6)_thumb[2]

Repeat from 1 to 4 until all the stitches of the round have been worked and then knit the first stitch of next round to move the begin of your round and be ready to begin the tubular Bind-off with a purl stitch.

Now your are ready to work the tubular or Italian Bind-off.


Happy knitting_thumb


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